Pay online at local merchants and the money will be refunded

Mastercard’s new campaign automatically returns at least 980 dinars to its’ customers, on 5,000 dinars spent online on domestic sites, applications and platforms

Online payments and online shopping are undoubtedly becoming an integral part of the daily activities of an increasing number of Serbian citizens, and want to reward and encourage users to take advantage of this method of payment, Mastercard has prepared a new campaign. Namely, all holders of Mastercard cards, issued by the banks participating in this program, who in the period from May 15 to June 15, 2021, make five online payments of a total value of at least 5,000 dinars, automatically receive back 980 dinars to the account associated with their Mastercard card.

Refunds, i.e. cash-back, will be distributed to all Mastercard cardholders, regardless of which bank participating in the program issued their card, who make at least five online card payments from any device – computer, tablet or phone, of the total aggregate value of at least 5,000 dinars, exclusively at domestic internet merchants, i.e. on domestic platforms and applications. It is important to note that utility bill payments made online on portals or in applications of merchants that support this option, such as eSanduče, or applications of telecoms and cable operators, taxes and fees paid through the eUprava portal, as well as online payments performed with a saved payment card, i.e. through the credentials-on-file service, will be eligible as well.

“It is estimated that the pandemic has brought e-commerce in Serbia to a level that would be reached organically only in five years, and that is why we are talking about the growth of online payments as a rarely good thing for consumers, merchants and the economy in general that the last year brought. Our MasterIndex research showed that two-thirds of Serbian online shoppers buy exclusively on the domestic web, which is a great motivation for those merchants who are not already there, to enable online payments and thus increase their income because they can be sure that the digital change in consumer habits we see now – is permanent. I would like to invite Mastercard cardholders to take this opportunity to transfer some of their non-traditional purchases to the online environment and once again confirm that with card payments, online shopping becomes simple and secure in just one click”, said Jelena Ristić, country manager for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina at Mastercard.

Refunds, i.e. cash-back, will be received no later than 30 days from the day of the execution of the last, fifth transaction. Each Mastercard card has the opportunity to receive one cash-back during the campaign.

Safety first

All online transactions made with Mastercard cards are protected by the same Mastercard security technology as card payments at the physical point of sale. Customers who pay online with Mastercard cards can use all consumer rights because the electronic purchase trail protects them if they want to make a replacement, complaint or refund and these are the policies that Mastercard applies globally in its business.

What customers are advised when paying online is to apply some rational precautions such as:

  • purchase from trusted retailers that you will recognize by having the Mastercard® SecureCode ™ and Mastercard® Identity Check symbols clearly displayed on the website;
  • confirm that the address bar contains https and padlock marks, as confirmations of secure data encryption;
  • never share your CVC2 and PIN codes, as well as payment card data with others either in a physical or online environment;
  • if their bank offers this option, apply for two-factor authentication, as another step in confirming the identity of the real cardholder and an additional security measure.

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