Pernod Ricard organized „Responsib’All Day” for the 10th time

“Nature in the City – Let’s create a small oasis for the preservation of bee communities” action held

For the 10th time, Pernod Ricard organized the global initiative „Responsib’All Day”, engaging over 18,500 employees worldwide to raise awareness of the necessity of preserving and restoring the environment and biodiversity, the importance of sustainable development, and socially responsible business.  All employees from the Balkan region dedicated this day to participating in activities related to the preservation of bee communities under the common name „Bee Responsib’All”.  In Serbia, this action was conducted with local partner EKONAUT.

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„For many years, our company has been conducting various socially responsible activities in Serbia, which are in line with Pernod Ricard 2030. roadmap for sustainability and responsibility „Good Times from a Good Place”. Company employees engage in activities to improve the quality of life in the local community. This year, we wanted to draw public attention to the importance of preserving and survival of bees and pollinators. All employees participated in creating gardens and habitats for solitary bees by planting selected plants that attract pollinators and setting up a hotel for bees and other insects. We want to send a message with our actions about the importance of environmental preservation so that we can leave a better world for generations to come,” said Vladimir Pavlovic, Director of Business Development Pernod Ricard Serbia.

Promo Pernod Ricard Serbia

„In Serbia, we have a large number of species of solitary bees that do not live in organized societies like honey bees, but in cavities in the soil and trees or make their nests out of clay or leaves. They are important because they start pollination at lower temperatures, so they are irreplaceable for good yield in orchards, especially those species that bloom early after the last frosts have stopped. By growing the plants that attract them, properly holding the hives, providing space for pollinator habitats, and setting up hotels and insect watering plants, we feed bees and help them survive winter. That is how they can resume the most important job on the planet in the spring – pollination,” said Sabina Kerić, founder of EКONAUT.

As part of the „Responsib’All Day”, Pernod Ricard will continue to encourage employees to contribute to the development of the communities in which they operate through tangible projects.

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