SBB unlocks channels due to difficult situation

Aware of the amount of stress and lifestyle changes that extraordinary circumstances bring and knowing that homes are the safest harbor due to the Corona pandemic, SBB decided to unlock additional channels for its users.

Many people will spend more time with family, often in front of the television. That is why SBB, as a company that genuinely cares about its fellow citizens and in order to at least ease the moment we are all together, decided to unlock additional channels by May 4th and provide its users with a wide variety of content. In addition, the SBB is unlocking the Video Club, where all the catalogs will be available, for which, as well as channels, the opening consent could be secured.

„We usually do this in nice moments. But we are with you and we are in a difficult situation,” they say from SBB company.

Serious times require that we give serious support to one another. Relax, laugh with the program you love and stay safe.

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