The distribution of the new IKEA catalog begins to almost 540,000 households in Serbia

On Tuesday, August 28th, the distribution of the IKEA catalog for 2019 will begin to 539,720 households in Belgrade and its surroundings, which will last until September 12th.

The second edition of the IKEA catalog for Serbia celebrates life at home and invites us to inspect the largest IKEA ‘open home’ ever. The new IKEA catalog comes in a conceptually altered form. In addition to the cover page that has a different look and now comes with a white frame, inspired by the IKEA catalogs from the 1980s, in the special focus of this year’s edition there are seven homes, each with its own story and inspiration for everyday life. Each of them shows different life situations, which share different needs and common life together. With this year’s catalog, some of the many collections are announced that will arrive in the IKEA Belgrade department store during the year. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the operation, a special collection – GRATULERA – was launched with some of the most popular IKEA items from the 50-60s, 70s and 80s and 90s-00s. The first part of the collection has already arrived, and the second and third arrive in October and December. The IKEA catalog for 2019 has nearly 300 pages, it has been translated into 37 languages ​​and distributed in 50 countries and 190 million copies. The IKEA catalog is the most comprehensive publication ever printed on FSC certified paper, which means it originates from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

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