The Fourth Edition of the Coke Academy for Over 100 Customers From the Hospitality Sector

Coca-Cola HBC Serbia continues its mission to empower customers

Photo: Coca-Cola HBC Srbija

The fourth Coke Academy addressed key topics concerning the future of the hospitality sector, including upcoming trends, strategies for finding and retaining employees, and methods to enhance sales and profitability. This specialized academy is organized by Coca-Cola HBC Serbia exclusively for its customers.

Photo: Coca-Cola HBC Srbija

The event gathered more than 100 customers who had the opportunity to gain knowledge and hear from both Coca-Cola HBC Serbia employees and prominent experts from the HoReCa industry in Serbia.

HoReCa is an important channel for our business. We want to continue developing this sector together with our customers. That’s what initiatives like Coke Academy are for – to discuss how to improve our service, as well as what we can do better together,” said Mirko Gutić, director of sales at Coca-Cola HBC Serbia.

Branko Vučković, Director of the Alcoholic Beverages and Coffee Sector at Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, also highlighted the importance of Coke Academy: “Through this initiative, our company delivers added value to our customers, extending beyond the sale of top brands or investments in facilities. Coke Academy brings what no one can take away from us, something priceless, and that is knowledge,” said Vučković.

Photo: Coca-Cola HBC Srbija

The extent to which Coke Academy contributes to strengthening and developing the entire HoReCa sector in Serbia is also emphasized by the participants.

My husband and I have been in this business for five years, and we enthusiastically accepted the invitation for education. I must admit that we had high expectations, and we actually got much more than that. Phenomenal lecturers and top company executives offered us ways to solve challenges. They also advised us on how to cope with rapidly changing market trends,” said Jelena Malić from Bečej, owner of the Baron concept restaurant.

What interested me the most was related to finances. We heard a lot of concrete advice on menu creation and size, as well as how it directly affects profitability – something I will take from here and work on,” emphasized Nikola Cvijan from Kikinda, owner of the Banat Bar.

An integral part of the academy that was particularly interesting to all participants this time was the panel discussion, “How to Find and Retain Employees in Today’s World?” The panel featured Jovana Ivanović, Director of People and Culture at Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, Mihaela Turner, Director of Strategic Development at Homepage Agency, Filip Ćirić, owner of Homa restaurant, Aleksandar Škipić, owner of Saša Bar in Belgrade, and Djordjije Stajkić, owner of Tranzit Bar.

Coke Academy is a long-term project of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, designed to support customers and empower their businesses. To this date, more than 250 customers have been empowered through Coke Academy.

Photo: Coca-Cola HBC Srbija

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