Um reveals the results of WAVE 9 – global survey

Global agency network UM announced for the ninth time the annual results of the survey on the habits of users of social media – Wave.

The study gave a clear message to the attention of consumers is becoming shorter and it is vital for all who work in the communications industry and advertising to understand that life moments when the brand can be relevant to consumers and to the emotional needs of consumers in this very moment. Covering a sample of over 52,000 respondents in 78 countries worldwide, Research Wave 9 is built on the ten-year global surveillance of social media users. The desire for content that’s worth sharing increased by 15% globally, while the desire to access the latest news about products fell by 13%. During the research of new products on the Internet consumers have positive emotions – where the “anticipation” is the primary feeling in Serbia (18%), while “getting intrigued” is the strongest feeling at that moment for consumers in Bulgaria (35%), Bosnia (29% ), Croatia (20%) and Macedonia (27%).

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