What are we eating?

At the third international conference on food and beverage “What are we eating?” on May 31 at the Hilton Hotel in Belgrade, organised by the TMS CEE certification and control body, Mr. Nenad Dolovac, advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, opened the conference with a speech about the situation in the field of food safety in Serbia today and pointed out that it is within the European framework.

He also stated that harmonization of national regulations with the European is done, which is not an easy task, since 2/3 of all the regulations that need to be adopted relate to the field of agriculture. He stated that the National Milk Laboratory has been opened, which will enable significantly better tracking of the producers in this field. Nenad Vujović, Assistant Minister of Agriculture, stated that the transition from the old model to the new model of inspection supervision, based on risk assessment, has already begun to give positive results in the field of inspection control, which has made more effective the work of the agricultural inspection in accordance with EU standards.

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