What does the draft Law on Agency Employment bring to us?

On October 24, ManpowerGroup organized business breakfast for media at the Falkenstainer Hotel outlining what the draft Law on Agency Employment brings to us, what are the trends in human resources and what are the key activities of ManpowerGroup in 2019.

It is announced that the panel “What brings us the draft Law on Agency Employment?” will takes place on 4 November from 10am to noon at the Falkenstainer Hotel, open to all interested parties.

Representatives of ManpowerGroup, which provides human resources solutions, informed media on key activities successfully undertaken by ManpowerGroup during 2019, underlining that ManpowerGroup was the only company in this field named by the Ethisphere Institute for the most ethical company in the world.

“We are very pleased to share with you important information from ManpowerGroup. Growth in the domestic market, the realization of socially responsible projects and new office space are just some of the important activities in the previous period. By organizing educational events for our partners and the general public, we promote good practice and innovations in the human resources sector. The forthcoming activities of ManpowerGroup will aim to support partners in finding optimal solutions in the field of human resources and supporting socially responsible projects. With the organization of the panel on draft Law on Agency Employment on 4 November and the conference “Happiness at work” on 27 November, we would like to point out the news and trends in HR that have a great impact on business processes”, said Marko Miljković, Marketing Manager at ManpowerGroup.

“The draft Law on Agency Employment Law brings new institutes that will be reflected on the business environment and indicates the need for adjustment in the labor market, both by agencies and by employers. The regulation of this important area, which has not been legally established in our law regulations system so far, brings equal treatment, equal earnings for leasing based employees compared to employees who have contracts directly with the service user. The Law also defines quotas relating to the number of employees transferred through agencies to employers, as well as linking the employees’ years of working services to the employer, not to the agency”, said Srđan Botorić, head of legal affairs at ManpowerGroup.

You can apply for a panel on draft Law on Agency Employment, which takes place on 4 November at the Falkenstainter Hotel from 10am to noon HERE.

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