With AMS Osiguranje you can have a carefree ski vacation even during the coronavirus pandemic

AMS Osiguranje has been operating successfully in our market for more than 20 years and has built its reputation and status on reliable products tailored to customer needs. Purchase our Travel Health Insurance policy and we will cover your costs of surgical interventions, dental, hospital treatment and other health services, per the insurance terms and conditions. AMS Osiguranje has expanded its range of services and introduced additional coverage in case of a COVID-19-related disease, by covering the expensive costs of treatment abroad of diseases caused by this virus.

Don’t leave things to chance! Purchase our Travel Health Insurance policy and rest assured that we will pay the extremely expensive costs of treatment abroad instead of you. In addition to the additional coverage of the costs of treatment for injuries abroad while skiing, our policy will also cover the costs in case of confirmed infection with the COVID-19 virus, which includes necessary medical examinations by authorized doctors, testing in case of infection in order for you to receive emergency medical assistance, diagnosis of a COVID-19-related infection, out-of-hospital medication, inpatient treatment or emergency medical evacuation to the country of residence, under the insurance terms and conditions.

AMS Osiguranje is the right choice for you because you can now safely and easily buy our travel health insurance policy with additional COVID-19 coverage on our website quickly, at a 30 percent lower price. Thus, the insurance premium for an individual policy, with the COVID-19 coverage, for a seven-day skiing trip in Europe, will cost you only 2,757 dinars. The savings are great, especially if you go on a family trip because, in that case, the premium is only 6,064 dinars for the same period.

For more information, call 0800-009-009, or visit our website www.ams.co.rs.

AMS Osiguranje wishes you a bon voyage!





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