Yettel awarded “Leader of Social Responsibility”

At the 10th anniversary Digital Awards 2023 conference, the Yettel company won the Leader of Social Responsibility award. This award, presented by Color Press Group, is the result of Yettel’s work to improve society and the environment through business activities

In the previous period, Yettel launched several initiatives that it implemented together with its users. So far, more than 560 thousand devices have been recycled in this way, 13 kg of gold, 8 tons of copper, 184 kg of silver, and 7 kg of palladium were collected and returned for reuse.

The Yettel network is 100 percent green, meaning that the electricity it uses to power the base stations comes from renewable energy sources. In addition to recycling, Yettel enabled users to activate the Eco bonus within their packages, after which the authorized operator for waste management collects and recycles 6.8 kg of plastic and paper consumed by an average person in Serbia per month.

In order to enable users to surf the Internet safely in the Yettel network, “Safe Net” was also launched, the goal of which is to identify and block malicious websites and protect users from Internet scams that are used to steal personal or financial data.

Certain activities are also aimed at those who are not users of Yettel. In order to promote healthy lifestyles and being outside, Yettel together with the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia launched “Green Trails” within the Yettel application. They are part of the Yettel application and are located in the section called “Yettel Green Trails”. The application currently contains 57 pedestrian and 12 bicycle paths.

Yettel will continue to invest in digital technologies and solutions that help address environmental and social needs and reduce adverse environmental impact.

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