Zlatko Trhulj, CEO of YUNET INTERNATIONAL: One step ahead of everyone

YUNET INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. is a managed service provider and has been successfully operating in the Serbian market for almost 30 years, setting high standards from day one

We talked with Zlatko Trhulj, CEO of YUNET INTERNATIONAL d.o.o., about IoT technology and its link to agriculture, as well as plans for this successful company.


How does the digital technology you deal with the affect the environment? Could you also tell us how smart technology improves agriculture and reduces nature’s pollution?

Responsible business means that the company and its activities are not only driven by profit, but also by responsibility towards all groups affected by the company’s business. These include owners and shareholders, as well as employees, clients, and the community in which the company operates. Finally, socially responsible companies are also conscious of the environment.

Any business activity that requires the use of natural resources and generates unwanted waste affects the environment. This should be recognized, minimized as much as possible and controlled for as long as it lasts. That is why the international standard for environmental protection – ISO 14001 – has been developed. By fulfilling its requirements, the company systematically monitors and eliminates the negative impact that its products or services have on the environment. Those companies that successfully fulfil the requirements of this strict standard receive a certificate confirming their commitment to the protection of the planet. YUNET International has been operating in line with ISO rules for many years and I have to say that we are very proud of that fact.

Integrated sensors, software, network connectivity and logic make up the Internet of Things (IoT). What kind of technology is this and how does it correspond to agriculture as a branch?

Every IoT system is different. But, what is important is that the foundation of every architecture of the Internet of Things, as well as its general data flow, are approximately the same.

As market competition grows, it is of the utmost importance to achieve higher quality standards in production, reduce and more efficiently use production resources such as energy, fertilizers and chemicals, minimize input costs and above all, ensure environmental protection. YUNET IoT sensors and measuring stations provide real-time monitoring and thus contribute to making the most optimal data-based decisions. Investing in the IoT system will immediately show its value in any economic branch in terms of optimizing daily business and generating huge savings long-term.

“We are creating a digital world that is turning into a lifestyle for a satisfied user”

In short, physical plus virtual connection between things, direct and indirect data exchange, data access and end-users performing device configuration are what make IoT.

What do you have in mind for current and new users?

YUNET INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. is a responsible company whose business is not driven solely by profit, but also by responsibility towards all groups affected by its business. We plan to extend this awareness to new clients to help them improve their business in a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly way. On the other hand, we have fantastic cooperation with current customers and a friendly relationship that is reflected in our projects, as well as provide reliable service and support at all times. We plan to maintain such a professional relationship in the future too.

This year, Color Media Communications traditionally held the Serbia Goes Green conference at the Belgrade Assembly, which was dedicated to the topics of environmental protection and the preservation of nature that surrounds us. YUNET was one of the participants and sponsors of the SMART AGRICULTURE IS MAKING THE WORLD GO AROUND panel. In his interview for Diplomacy&Commerce magazine, YUNET’s CEO, Zlatko Trhulj, talks about how technology improves agriculture and reduces environmental pollution. The company also presented its IoT solutions during a panel discussion.

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