New Year’s gala concert “The Magnificent 10” – Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra, Sava center, Sunday, December 17th , 7 pm

Every year the Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra traditionally organizes the New Year’s Gala Concert – Winter Music Magic, intended for fans of classical music of all generations. This will be the jubilee 10th concert: “The Magnificent 10” featuring the hits of … Continue reading

Dušan Strajnić Dukat, frontman of Stray Dogg: Fire’s never wrong, as we know it – Slowing down, clearing thoughts and emotions

Text: Žikica Milošević The new millennium’s new wave of Serbian bands has given birth to many names that possess genuine power and integrity. One such band is Belgrade-based Stray Dogg. Usually slow and poetic, their music has conquered audiences in … Continue reading

Germany: The Cradle of Modern Pop and Rock Music – The country that’s changed it all, that’s changed everyone

Text: Žikica Milošević Well, I don’t mean the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982, nor do I think about pretty Lena from 2010, nor about Modern Talking. Nor Sandra, nor Nena. I think about some people who were … Continue reading