Yettel officially launches today

Yettel, a new PPF Telecom Group brand, officially launches today. Built on in-depth market knowledge and customer insight, Yettel is a forward-thinking brand that embraces the latest trends and understands the growing role technology has in our lives.
Mike Michel, Yettel Serbia CEO (Photo: Yettel)

“Our relationship with technology has changed. Today, connectivity is a must, and our customers expect guidance in how to best make use of technology to balance the things that matter. We want to inspire our customers to strive for that balance in life by offering products and services which support this great ambition,” says Marek Slacik, Executive Director of TMT CEE, PPF Telecom Group.

Yettel is a telecom brand, created to help customers balance their technology and telecom’s needs, with how they want to live their lives.

“As one of the first projects with the new brand, in approximately two weeks we are launching a totally new service which takes the Yettel Petak concept to the next level and aims to bring balance to customers’ spending and shopping. This will be a very intuitive and easy-to-use service in the Yettel App, where customers will be able to get the best deals and discounts from over fifty partners in more than ten different categories. Our ultimate and long-term aim with this service is that, before customers buy anything, they will go to the Yettel App and check whether it has a discount or deal that can help them optimize their spending”, said Mike Michel, Yettel Serbia CEO.

Atmosphere from the event (Photo: Yettel)

Yettel is also launching Yettel ID, a very simple concept with the potential to add small efficiencies to customers’ lives. Through Yettel ID users can sign up for digital businesses and services using only their Yettel mobile number. They don’t have to spend extra time filling out each and every detail themselves, but give consent, following highest customer privacy standards.

As part of the rebranding, Yettel in Serbia has launched a new website ( and the Yettel App, as well as redesigned digital and social media channels. The process will be seamless for all customers and Yettel will respond to all inquiries promptly.

Last year, the company launched Hipernet, with strong ambitions in the household market. For the fifth time in a row, the network won Best in Test acknowledgment in the measurement of network quality. The customer base grew by 3.4%, and the prepaid segment saw a positive shift, reaching +3,2% YoY.

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