70 years of Israel

The Embassy of Israel celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel by organizing a reception on Independence Day in the ceremonial hall of the Belgrade City Assembly.

Interview with Rosie Gojich Stephenson-Goodknight: Everyone in Serbia made me feel like “this is your home”

Author: Vanja Kovačev The streets of Belgrade neighborhood Dorćol, still echo with steps of the man who was the Strongest tie between Israel and Serbia – David Albala. Granddaughter of David & Paulina Albala, Mrs. Rosie Gojich Stephenson-Goodknight, MBA, visited … Continue reading

Morocco Expresses Deep Concern, Condemns US Decision to Recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital and to Transfer US Embassy to it

The Kingdom of Morocco has expressed its deep concern and strong condemnation of the decision of the United States of America to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to transfer its embassy to it, ministry of foreign affairs … Continue reading